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A Huge NO on the Name Change! October 7, 2008

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The MOE intends to change the name of St. David’s Primary to Hilton C. Richardson Primary. Mr. Richardson was the headmaster of St. David’s Primary from 1910 to 1957, during which time the school evolved from a wooden structure to a stone structure. The idea behind this change is, as per Mr. Horton’s words in the gazette, “There are many young people, younger generations, who maybe don’t know of Mr. Hilton Richardson. If you don’t know him, we want you to know him.”


I get that. Honouring people by naming things after them is great but not when it removes a sense of pride from those selfsame people! I admit, this caused me to start some research on this gentleman, which didn’t really get me anywhere. There is nothing on the internet and I would really like to learn more BUT changing the name of our school? i’m proud to be a St. Davids Islander and I’m immensely proud to have gone St. David’s Primary. Don’t take that away from us. The MOE sees this as a learning experience. The problem is we are learning that what we want and what means so much to us is not as important as what others in power want. The MOE was shocked at the backlash that came from this proposed change but any St. Davids Islander, whether they live there still or no, isn’t. This isn’t about a name change for us, not really. It’s about losing our sense of community. No matter who you are, what family branch you stem from, in St. David’s we ALL went St Davids Primary. And with the recent murders shaking our foundations, another shake-up is not the best idea. Especially one we were informed of, not asked our opinion on!


*If anyone wishes to sign the petitions protesting this change, you will find them at Black Horse Tavern and Real Deal.


2 Responses to “A Huge NO on the Name Change!”

  1. Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr. Says:


    I have to fully agree with you on this, although I did not attend St. Davids Primary I grew up in St. Davids (moved there when I was 8 and am now 42) and I played cricket for St. Davids Cricket Club. I do not think people who did not grow up or spend a large amount of time in St. Davids have any idea of the pride within the St. Davids community. Not only is there a great deal of pride amongst St. Davids Islanders but St. Davids has always been a very tight and closeknit community.

    St. Davids is not today what it was when I was growing up because when I was growing up the people who lived in St. Davids were those who were born and raised there. It took quite a while for me to be accepted, even though I was young but once you become accepted you essentially become a part of a large family.

    I think if those in the MoE understood the nature of St. Davids as a community they would fully understand the backlash they have received with this proposed name change.

  2. blankman Says:

    Just caught the morning news and it appears that the Minister is telling people they should learn their history.

    Guess that means the public is too dumb to know what they want?? 😦

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