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Amazon’s Kindle March 4, 2010

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*This is not an advertizement!!*

I mean, I do quite love my Kindle and the easy access to all manners of tras… I mean, erudite tomes. But I wanted to say, I happen to think that Amazon’s customer service is tops. So a month after getting my Kindle without a case, yes I know smart, I happen to be carrying it around in my bag and it just happens to get a crack in the screen. I was so not impressed and fearing the worse I called them. Explained the issue and then said… “We’ll send you another one to replace it”. As easy as that! No call to a manager, so smart talk about what is wrong with you that you broke it within a month. No sucking of the teeth or rolling of eyes. See where I’m going with this?

I can’t even remember the last time I had service like this (if ever) in Bermuda. It wasn’t just that they served me politely or simply, it was that they understood that I CHOSE to spend my hard earned money with them and thusly they were “indebted” to me. I was valuable as a return customer. I was valuable as a customer period. Bermudian businesses as a rule tend to forget the two hallmarks of a winning model, good products and better service. There was a great letter to the Editor in the RG yesterday (03/03/10) that said it way more succintly than I ever could. Have a read and tell me if you don’t feel the same as him or have been in the exact same sitchs. Cause I have and that’s one main reason I dislike shopping in Bermuda.

But back to my Kindle, the baby is replaced and new. New books have been uploaded and Amazon is amazing. All is again right with the world… ish.