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"I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians." – Charles De Gaulle

Jonny’s back!! September 30, 2008

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And on a roll it appears 🙂 Guess that brisk Scottish air is encouraging him to… well, to stay indoors and blog! It’s almost like he never left.  One huge change on the blog scene is the demise of the site. Christian has decided that his time for political commentary is over. I, for one, am actually sad to see him go. I didn’t agree with him a lot of the time but he was always thought-provoking. Well, hopefully others will decide to come out and start up sites like these. It’s important to hear other people’s point of view, whether correct or incorrect in your opinion.


I think the appropriate term is “hell in a handbasket”… September 26, 2008

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Yeah, I’m a bit a pessimist at times. And right now is one of those times. Everyone in Bermuda has been watching the States this week for, more than likely, one of two reasons. One, because of the worst financial crisis i have ever seen (at least in my own lifetime) and two, because or more to the point, resulting from that, the spotlight that Obama has focused on our financial industry (unfairly I’d say but then I as a bermudian would!). The entire situation does not bode well for our island paradise. It was joked that the ad that Obama uses us in to poke at McCain actually has some lovely pics of Horseshoe Bay… some inadvertant advertizing of sorts. And the DNC’s tongue in cheek goodie bag of sunscreen, Bermuda rum cake and various other “appropriate” items given to the american journalists recently is one way of getting the Bermuda Tourism message across. Yeah… not really. The Democratic camp has decided to not only focus on Bermuda as “theives stealing from the hard-working americans with the help of McCain” – which is patently wrong and only highlights their misunderstanding of offshore jurisdiction policy – but to effectively “kick us while we are down”. This financial crisis is bad, real  bad, and it only seems to be getting worse by the day. Just today the news came out that WaMu, which was purported last week to be the next to fall, has indeed fallen and been fire-saled to JP Morgan. And by fire sale, I mean, WaMu’s 307 billion in assetts being sold for a mere 1.9 billion. there was talk of a bailout but this has been turned back by Congress so I’d expect the next couple of weeks to detail more and more large corporations falling. The problem we have is that  if America’s economy falls, so does any country’s with huge ties to it. Us, Germany and other European countries. This crisis is not over by any means and now that Bermuda has be shoved into the center of the presidential stage, it will probably be a much different landscape here when it is all said and done. No matter who wins.


Yep, pessimist. That’s me.


*If anyone is interested in finding out how much of what is said in these commercials and campaigns is actually factual, have a look at . This website examines postiions of the four candidates and basically fact-checks them. Very interesting read.


A quick interjection of some non-political stuff… September 18, 2008

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  • If anyone is a fan of Warren Ellis (he of the Planetary/Authority/Stormwatch comic books) should really consider checking out his online comic, FreakAngels I promise you’ll enjoy it.
  • Yes, the upcoming (and spectacular looking) Watchman movie adaptation is still smack dab in the middle of that legal kerfuffle between Fox and Warner Bros. Updated news indicate that Warner Bros is now counter-suing Fox for waiting until the trailer was released at Comic Con before protesting over movie-rights. Hopefully this will be settled before the projected release date.

But now let’s get back to regular programming…


Republican Party = Big Bad? September 16, 2008

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Reading over yesterday’s post and subsequent comment exchange (and resulting RL convos), I was inspired by a comment made by Ken, saying that being a PLP member and Republican ideological supporter means I am “delusional and hilarious”. Yeah, that irritated me on many levels, not the least of which is that many people seem to think that Republicans are some “big bad”… some evil group of people that are sitting around just thinking of ways to destroy the world. So I thought perhaps a bit of discussion related to the ideology and history of the GOP is in order.


The GOP, or Republican Party, was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists. They were created to oppose the expansion of slavery into Kansas, breaking off from the Democratic party and becoming the Republican Party. The vision of the US emphasized higher education, banking, railroads, industry and cities. Their first president was Abraham Lincoln, elected 1860. They have more than 55m registered members and are the second largest political party in the US. They are best known as the conservative party. But what does that mean?

  • They believe that law-making is the province of the legislature and that judges should refrain from “legislating from the bench”.
  • They believe in greater limitations being placed upon federal power and giving more power to the States (as compared to the Democrats).
  • They believe that corporate and personal decision making is most important in fostering economic prosperity, favouring a free market.
  • They believe that reduced income taxes increase GDP growth – thusly creating a bigger pool to pull taxes from and thereby increasing revenue to the gov’t.
  • They believe the private-sector are more efficent than the gov’t in helping the poor (by definition gov’ts are unwieldy) and thus believe the answer is providing higher amounts of grants available to failth-based and other private charitable organizations.
  • They introduced and strongly supported the Welfare Reform of 1996, which Clinton signed into law, which has been proven to have lead many former welfare recipients to find jobs.
  • They do not support “socialized” universal health care, being more in favour of personal or employer-based healthcare supplemented by the gov’t.
  • They oppose raising minimum wage as it has been proven to cause companies to cut jobs and thusly harm those who would actually get the benefits of the increase.
  • They started the EPA, the US Park Service and believe that gov’t need to create incentives for companies to invest in environmental technologies.
  • They believe that marriage is a man and a woman, but do not oppose civil unions for same-sex couples.
  • They favour pro-life and pro-choice, depending on which state you are looking at.
  • They support class-based affirmative action as opposed to race or sex based.
  • They favour school choices through voucher systems for private schools, charter schools and favour greater accountability being held by the schools whose students under-perform.
  • They disapprove of interventionalist foreign policy.

Not everything they believe I agree with but the fundamentals, yeah. Republicans are not evil people, they are simply people.


Barack to the future… September 15, 2008

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I saw this on a t-shirt when I was roaming the streets in NYC. I’m so amazed at how… enamoured the world (in general) is of this man. I am a republican, but even I see his appeal. See it, yeah. Believe it, not really. I obviously cannot vote in the upcoming election but I’m firmly behind McCain. American politics, and indeed our own, have become more and less about the issues – melding into this pseudo intellectual popularity contest. Most people know just enough about each candidate to support their own pre-conceived ideas and no more. They simply don’t want to know more… just want to be able to seem informed. I can be just as guilty of this than anyone else. The problem lies in that many will actively refuse to see anything that flies in the face of their opinion. This is not just wrong, it is dangerous. Refusal to see warning signs can be our downfall… one which we, by default, are complicit in. All it takes for evil to prosper, is for good men to do nothing. It is our duty to think of ourselves as the architects of our governemnt. This means more than just talking with “ya boys” about stuff. Get out there, go talk to them, attend meetings… you are the stakeholders of your country and by extension, the government. Become informed not just for information’s sake, for your sake and for your children’s sake.


Back!!! September 5, 2008

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Hi all

Sorry for the delay in posts, I was in NYC for a course. I just got back last night and am catching on work stuff so will write a “real” post tonight.