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Arbitration, myth or truth… August 17, 2010

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Now, see, I kinda always thought that an Arbitration award is a standing legal agreement by two parties as a concession to not going completely through the court, and is as solid as a court of law judgement… Correct me if I’m wrong. Anyone? Anyone?

So why is it now being reported by the various news media on the island as well as backed up by the BPS themselves that the arbitration determination/award agreed to between the gov’t and the BPS, in like 2008 (!), is being reneged on STILL by the gov’t. Say who with the what now?? This is the same people we are asking to put their lives on the line in an exponentially increasingly dangerous job. And yeah, the non-payers to this award they themselves agreed to are those selfsame people that think that tourism jaunts to China are cost-effective…

I’ll give you cost-effective. Pay people what they deserve and stop penny-pinching on the important stuff while having a free-for-all anytime you want on things that aren’t as important. If you get confused, ask the average person on the street. I can bet you he’ll rate crime fighting and prevention way higher than the Love Festival.

Seriously, this is not cool. Not cool at all. There are certain civil positions that should be fairly compensated for. It’s just the right thing to do. This childish, “no, you’ll have to make me” crap… it’s wrong. Period.