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The endgame June 17, 2009

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Let me tell you all how this is gonna play out. After leaving the protest today, after seeing the news and the spin that’s already being put out by the pro-Brown camp online, after writing the post previous to this and reading the statement from the Commissioner online from RG about how basically the premier lied about the police having vetted these 4 men (and that consequently, preliminary risk assessment on them is “high”)… I have a inkling of what’s coming up next.



Firstly let me clarify. Anti-Brown in terms of the protest, and in my mind, does not mean Anti-PLP. I am still proud to be a PLP member. I still fervently believe that PLP is the party to lead Bermuda into our future. My and most people’s issue is with Brown, him and him alone.

But anyhoo, back to my prediction. I think that the UK is going to reverse Brown’s decision. At which point, which may or may not have been the whole point depending on who you ask, Dr. Brown is gonna do another one of his little spiels about independence and the new catch-phrase on the PLP/Pro Minds websites – colonial masters something or the other, the Combined Opposition and then he’s gonna call a referendum or a snap election centering on Independence.



There’s a couple of things that lead me to think this, the least of which is Dr. Brown’s penchant for managing to insert “the independence issue” into every other time he says more than three sentences in a row in public. The breaking news about the risk assessment and how the premier falsely represented the position of the police in the House last week also is pushing me to think that this is less about these four poor men and more about the premier’s endgame. Actually to that point, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna call an election and make this a choose me and independence or take UBP. Gotta give him props. If I’m right, this is a pretty savvy move. Loads of bloggers, Catch a Fire in particular have spent lots of time talking about how the US and UK have created a trap… I think I’m giving Dr Brown much more credit than that. He is a smart political animal, the likes of which we haven’t seen in Bermuda before I’d say, and I think he’d use this for every bit he can to get what he wants and we all know what he wants more than anything else…



I hope I’m wrong. I sincerely hope that Dr Brown, for all his faults, is not using these 4 men like this. I hope he has made this decision because he felt he had to, even though I severely disagree with his method of going so. I even hope that the UK does allow them to stay here, at least for a while. But I think it not to be. We’ll see.



The nest week or so will be very enlightening, I’m guessing. Here’s to hoping that my next post is not titled “I told you so…” And if it is, shame on you Dr. Brown.


6 Responses to “The endgame”

  1. Uncle Elvis Says:

    What I’d hope, should the decision be reversed, is a petition aimed at the UK, saying that we, the people of Bermuda, and after a thorough and complete vetting process, DO, in fact, want to accept these men into our home, proving once and for all that it is NOT about these men but IS about how it was done.

    Should the vetting process prove them unsuitable, then fine, the US is going to have to find something else. But if the stories about them are on the up and up and they were (as far as my read on it goes) fleeing unjust persecution from China and got caught up in Afghanistan, then, as many of us have said, let’s do the Bermudian thing and take them in.

    THEN let’s start with some “Humanitarianism” towards our fellow Bermudians and reopen the clinic, get the… well, you know all the crap this Government has done to the people.

    As many folks know, I’m not a supporter of either party, but at this point, I’ve gotta lay my chips on the PLP as the only potential alternative… if they can get their shit together.
    Getting rid of Dr. Brown and his constant embarrassments for the party is a very, very good start. It’s only one step, a small step, but a step.
    I’m sorry, but if they don’t, if they don’t change their ways, if they don’t start acting in the best interest of the people of Bermuda, I just cannot support them.
    If they do, they got my vote. Guaranteed.

  2. Dana Says:

    We know nothing of these people, the US will not accept them, the Uighur community in Nothern Virginia agreed to take them and that was met with loud objections from Republican members of Congress. The CIA still does not believe that they are innocent. The Bermuda Police and the GOVENOR still have yet to receive paperwork.

    What makes me LOL is the fact that Bermudians are the first to object to EXPAT WORKERS, send them back where they came from. It only looks like you are in support of the Uighurs because it was the Premier’s idea.

    He was wrong in the manner in which he handled this. He is not above the law and he is not GOD.

  3. alsys31 Says:

    I agree that he was wrong in the way that he handled this. To clarify, if after being vetted, it is deemed by the Police Service and the FCO that we indeed have nothing to fear from these four men, then I see no issue in having them here. I see what you are saying about the expat issue, as it were, but this is a different set of circumstances. And I stand behind that.

    What I do not by any means stand behind, is Dr Brown’s handling of this situation, his lack of due process and his autocratic method of governing.

  4. Martin Says:

    Good to see you posting again Alsys.

    Maybe there is something missing here or (more likely) I just don’t understand.

    Clearly the Premier knows that the extent of public support for Independence is thin. It is also questionable to what extent his recent actions have hardened that view. On the one hand, some will say that if he can ride roughshode over Cabinet and electorate whilst part of the UK – may God help us all if we go Independent and he has an unrestrained mandate.

    If we have the usual “persuasive rhetoric” against colnial control, then there will be those who will buy into that.

    We “know” that he will not go down the referendum line on Independence, so he has to take the election route. That may sound all well and good given the PLP’s success at the polls to date, but there is still an element of risk involved both domestically and in so far as the UK granting the legislation is concerned. I could see that ecoming a real mess, given the UK is obligated to protect its passport holders.

    Now – he may have concluded that this is “shit or bust” time for himself and in a way, I can understand that. But – it may not be “s or b” for the PLP – and indeed the PLP should not be forced out at this stage in this way, particularly given the state of the UBP.

    The other alternative, I guess, is UDI. Full of dangers, but something he might go for if in a “s or b” mood.

    Very happy to have my views demolished; in fact I would probably sleep better at night if they were.

  5. Martin Says:

    “Anti-Brown in terms of the protest, and in my mind, does not mean Anti-PLP”.

    With a 22 to 11 vote, it looks as though the PLP did not agree with you.

    I hope they all know what they are letting themselves, and the peoples of Bermuda, in for.

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