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Oh this is going to be fun… January 26, 2009

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Just a heads up. I have decided to quit smoking… again. This time hopefully, I can make it stick. I’m doing it cold turkey so if anyone has any tips on how to make it go a bit easier I’ll take any and all suggestions…


20 Responses to “Oh this is going to be fun…”

  1. Uncle Elvis Says:

    Good on you, bebbeh! Good luck with it!
    You got my email if you need to talk to someone instead of smoking.

  2. Tryangle Says:

    LOL – are you my fiancee in disguise?
    Good luck and hope you can stay the course.

  3. alsys31 Says:

    Can I just say. I am dying here!!!! I don’t even think I really want a cigarette, I just don’t want to have to tell myself I can’t have one….

  4. Martin Says:

    I know the feeling – I know it well. I won’t tell you the outcome however of my experiences!

    Hang in there….cold turkey is the best way to do it.

  5. Angel Says:

    Hang in there and don’t give up. I’m smoke free 2 1/2 years now. I quit the same way, cold turkey. Smoking is a choice and you have to remind yourself that “you choose NOT to smoke”. If you must snack eat apples (something about them just help with the craving). Drink plenty of water and last but not least look at your daughter often and remind yourself why you want to be “smoke free”. Good luck!!

  6. Martin Says:

    So – survived your first week I hope?

  7. alsys31 Says:

    Yep 🙂 So far so good…

  8. Martin Says:

    Excellent news. I have a supply of mints – if that would help.

  9. alsys31 Says:

    No thanks, got that covered.

    I am finding that I am really annoyed at just about everyone and everything right now, mind. I’ve never muttered under my breath so much in my entire life!!

  10. J Starling Says:

    My best advice for you is too start knocking back some daily bars of dark chocolate. Theres some chemicals in them (catechin or is epicatechin? I always get the two confused) that are pretty good for you, and the caffeine and other polyphenols and what not in them, well, they help take the edge of ones cravings. Plus, they can help repair whatever dmage the smoking may have done.

    Sure, there is some fat, but its really the milk chocs you gotta avoid. They just full of fat and not that many good stuff for you. Those are treats. Dark chocolate is a food. Its a very important disctinction to make. And what fat they got is mostly that ‘good’ fat, you know?

    And yeah, you might get addicted to the stuff – I go through about a bar and a half a day, but so what? Its good for you, and tastes great. No second hand effects and all that. Great stuff. And the hormone releases they trigger, well worthwhile in countering withdrawal symptoms, like crabbiness.

    Mmmm, chocolate. Food of the gods I tell you. Great stuff.

    I’m hungry now, nuts.

  11. Merianna Says:

    I wish you all the best, I tried many times and failed because I allowed myself to have the occassional cigarette…… finally in October 2004 I had a health scare… I stopped cold turkey and now I now longer crave cigarettes. I only wish I had stopped many years earlier…. or better still never have started. It’s not easy but you can do it. Hang in there … go sit in front of the North Rock Tank at the Aquarium when you get stressed!

    PS I am an Aquarium afficionado .

  12. Bermuda Rasta Says:


    Good luck. Specialists have long said that tobacco is the most difficult addiction to overcome. But cold turkey is the only way.

    I was never hard core, but I “reformed” when I read the landmark Surgeon General’s report describing the changes in blood gasses during the smoking of a cigarette (I was studying for Life actuarial exams). Pretty frightening. I highly recommend it if you hit a moment of weakness.

  13. Casual Observer Says:

    Good luck T! Hang in there.

  14. Martin Says:

    End of week two check…

    How are you doing Alsys?

  15. alsys Says:

    DYING!!! Lol, no, alls well so far. Lil irritated but kewl

  16. Uncle Elvis Says:

    I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we’re proud of you, boo.

    Keep it up.

  17. Martin Says:

    Well – it’s now the end of week 4 (and a bit).

    So – how u doing?

  18. Random T. Says:

    Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the person from that chat who told me to go to your blog 🙂

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  20. Esta Amster Says:

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