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Update on Watchman January 23, 2009

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Any geek worth his salt probably already knows this but the much aniticpated movie “Watchman”, recently shelved to a dispute between WB and Fox over movie rights, is now back on schedule for its April release date. Yay! Hopefully this means that the trailers will now begin to be shown on a regular basis on tv, like they were before this case got underway.


I cannot TELL you how much I am looking forward to this movie. If you can, get out there and read the graphic novel. Well worth it.


30 Responses to “Update on Watchman”

  1. Uncle Elvis Says:

    March 6, 2009, apparantly.
    It’s been so messed up, the road to this movie, that I’m just not gonna believe it until I’m sitting in the theatre (with alsys just a couple of rows away, I’m assuming!) and I see Kelly Leak from the Bad News Bears in that twisting, disturbing mask, until I see the Comedian falling, his button laying on the street with a single drop of his blood on it…
    until I’m there and it’s playing out in front of me… I’m not gonna believe it’s true.

    And I’m SO not reading it again (for the 30th time!) before I go see it. That always ruins movies for me.

  2. alsys31 Says:

    Believe it baby… lol.

    And yes, I’ll definitely be there, come hell or high water. Like you, I have waited WAY too long for this to come about… now if they could get started on that Aquaman series, I would be an extremely happy camper!

  3. Casual Observer Says:

    You guys are such nerds! LOL.

  4. Uncle Elvis Says:

    CO, three possible replies for you. Choose one that you like or mix and match! *grin*

    a) And proud of it!

    b) I thought that’s why you love us!?

    c) … says the girl who spends most of her time behind a computer!

  5. alsys31 Says:

    d) Don’t you know the geek will inherit the earth… lol.

  6. Tryangle Says:

    *resists urge to pull out the graphic novel from bookshelf*

    Fortunately I have a few books I want to read so the temptation won’t be too bad.

  7. alsys31 Says:

    Okay, okay… I’m not gonna re-read it either *sucks teeth*

  8. Tryangle Says:

    Blame Uncle Elvis, lol

  9. alsys31 Says:

    I do. Often and for many reasons 😉

  10. Uncle Elvis Says:

    HA! You and everyone else!

    It’s not THAT long to wait, you impatient bastards!

    Read all you want, though. For me, I get nitpicky as hell when I’ve read the book too close to watching the movie. Mrs. Sticks does it constantly and then I gotta sit through a litany of complaints about how Arwyn’s horse was white, not dapple, and how Harry Potter was wearing his robes in that scene, not street clothes (ok, that one was me…)

    S’all I’m sayin’!

  11. alsys31 Says:

    I know. I do the same. I can’t resist it though. Isn’t it the nerds creed to dissect every remake, whether it be of the same medium or not?? C’mon, tell me you didn’t love figuring out what was incorrect in XMen when it came out!

  12. Tryangle Says:

    I know that after each time I watched the LOTR movies in the theatre I would go home and begin reading the books again. Kind of fun that way.

  13. Uncle Elvis Says:

    Was there anything that WASN’T incorrect in XMen? *grin*

  14. alsys31 Says:

    Um, besides Eric and Xavier’s friendship (the dynamics of it)… well, not really, no. I think Hugh Jackman played Wolverine spot on but other than that they allowed themselves to chop and change at will, didn’t they? Still pissed at the Rogue sitch!

  15. Uncle Elvis Says:

    Don’t even get me started on X3!

    Why is it that every Marvel series has absolute dreck in the third installment?

  16. alsys31 Says:

    There was a third one?? *grin*

    I mean, how do you possibly combine the Dark Phoenix and the Cure? Why do you, more to the point. Those arcs were like 20, at least, years apart… and could have easily had their own movies. ESPECIALLY Dark Phoenix… which will always be one of my favs.

  17. Uncle Elvis Says:

    Three words. Spider. Man. 3.

    Not one, but TWO frickin’ DANCE NUMBERS?!

    To paraphrase Mr. Tom Hanks…


  18. alsys31 Says:

    I KNOW!!!! I’m still confused how someone said…

    “Okay, look, we’re gonna introduce the Venom arc. Yeah, the tortured and introspectively evil storyline one, yep. Just screams 70’s Bee Gees montage, doncha think??”

  19. Cahow Says:

    Bee Gees? I still listen too them. Then again, I met them and still enjoy the sounds of the very late 60’s/70’s.

  20. alsys31 Says:

    Ain’t nothing wrong with the Bee Gees. I have quite a few of their songs on my ipod even now. In that movie? Highly questionable choice.

  21. Cahow Says:

    Well, must have missed something about the movie but thats just me. Haven’t been too one in over thirty years. Now stage, thats differant.

    Not a geek per sey but a ‘gee’ yeh..

  22. Uncle Elvis Says:

    Alsys, not sure if you’ve seen this…

    LOTSA stuff from the movie. (Watchmen, that is…)

  23. Tryangle Says:

    With regard to third installments of a movie franchise I’m thinking about Fantastic Four… yep the kid-friendly fully sanitized of the Marvel movie series. A third one? Scareee.

  24. Uncle Elvis Says:

    Considering that FF1 was “Third Sequel” quality, FF3 is either going to be as bad as the Corman movie (THEY USED A STICK OFF A TREE WITH A GLOVE ON IT FOR REED’S ARM! I am NOT shitting you!) or the stars will align and some cosmic miracle will happen and it will be genius.

    I’m not counting on the latter.

  25. Tryangle Says:

    Is The Incredible Hulk considered a sequel or its own standalone? I’m guessing either way there will be another Hulk movie in the works, to go along with Iron Man 2 (and maybe 3?), Thor (that’s almost a done deal, I think) and maybe even a Captain America – setting the stage for an Avengers movie down the line (as hinted by Tony Stark in T.I.H.). Comic geeks rejoice.

    Bad third-installations aren’t restricted to Marvel, mind you. Batman Forever was a huge fall from the previous two.

    What sucked about the FF movies to me was that FF was my favourite of all the Marvel comics growing up but maybe I should have guessed that they would’ve made the movie into a [predictable] comedy with action thrown in (considering the casting, I wouldn’t have guessed it to be the case).

    Little chance of Watchmen approacing those levels of campiness, thank goodness.

  26. Uncle Elvis Says:

    Well? Seen it yet? Whatchathink?

  27. alsys Says:

    You know I bought my tickets!!

    And… um… couldn’t actually make it. So gutted, you have no clue! I heard it was amazing mind. What did you think?

  28. Tryangle Says:

    Saw it while in Miami on the weekend. Extremely true to the graphic novel, which for a fan was great, but I don’t think that either of my friends enjoyed it. It was a long movie, and I think the character-driven arcs may have disappointed those who were looking forward to more action.

    Man I wish I could apply a spoiler tag to some of this stuff…
    [spoiler – lol]

    Also, there was no covering up of Manhattan’s junk. Which was a bit surprising. You don’t see a penis in regular movies, but they kept true to the graphic novel yet again. The sex scenes were very visual as well. Do NOT take your kids to watch this film.

    Oh and as Elvis mentioned in his blog, the climactic scene was tweaked up a little bit, I think it worked well because the original would have probably seemed too unreal.


    It’s a movie I’d certainly get the DVD of later on, but wouldn’t expect to have (non-geek) friends come over and watch with me.

  29. jonnystar Says:

    Well, I had never even heard of the it before. Really wasn’t that big into comics as a kid; big cartoon fan, but not so much the comic strips…

    So, I went into it knowing absolutely nothing. But I enjoyed it. I don’t see why it wouldn’t appeal to your average Joe, although it sure was long. Could’ve worked as a two-part movie I guess, but I liked it as it was.

    Good music, but it made me feel old…

  30. Uncle Elvis Says:

    It SHOULD have been a 12 part HBO miniseries, but I don’t think there was a way to get the funding.

    And T? I think you’re gonna love it!

    And apparently Garan’s doing a Saturday morning showing of Wolverine and Star Trek, which should be cool!

    I expect to see you there. *grin*

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