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"I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians." – Charles De Gaulle

R.I.P… December 23, 2008

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In the spirit of a friend’s faded smile and the upcoming season, I’ll like to wish everyone a lovely holiday… Whatever your creed, your religion or your preference (political or otherwise), have a lovely season and live safe and well.  Make each day count, don’t simply count the days.


Sincerely yours, Tia


4 Responses to “R.I.P…”

  1. Tryangle Says:

    And to you as well

  2. Martin Says:

    Happy holidays Tia.

  3. Cahow Says:

    Thanks Tia. It’s all about change and taking one day at a time. Time stops for no man but change is only defined by history.

    May we all do our part without thought of reward, for when and if it comes, self reflection will show.

  4. Cahow Says:

    I refer to your first sentence and ponder why the R.I.P.

    We have had 17 road deaths this year but more are concerned about the topic of Barack et al. As others have stated before, whats with this typing all day at work, yet complain when someone makes a comment about how they got there and what they do.

    Facinating and quite sureal.

    Personally, I wish you spent more time here instead of trying to focus on others opinions. It can be incorporated here as well as your personal feelings, emotions and how they affect you and what avenues you wish too pursue to eliviate them from yourself and others.

    Take care of yourself and seek the need of others when deemed.

    2009 is just a number, 2008 will be just the same.

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