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Is Gay the New Black? November 19, 2008

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As many that followed more than just the presidential election results on November 4th knows, three states in the US (most particularly California) also had Proposition 8 on its ballots that day. This proposition allowed for voting on the legality of same-sex marriage. It passed, banning homosexual marriage. This was a actually quite a bit of a shock, prompting the media to ask “Is Gay the new Black?”. Apparently, a larger voter turnout of the elderly, the devout religious and african americans for such a historically important presidential race allowed for a stronger proponent of people voting FOR Prop 8.


How sad is that. A time when people around the world are celebrating the shattering of barriers and professing hope that perhaps equality for all is possible, we are confronted with the inescapable fact that humans inherently need to hold others back, no matter their own situation. Harsh? Perhaps but no less true in my opinion. I have yet to understand why same-sex marriage or indeed same-sex lifestyles are so… threatening to some. Especially the religious. Case in point, of the millions of dollars spend on advertizing for the ban, 1 in every fourth dollar was spend by the Mormons – yes, those who tout pologamy as a more than acceptable lifestyle… or as Jon Stewart said “Of course, ’cause Mormons believe that marriage is between a man and a…um…”.

African americans have apparently gotten a bit of the shaft in the US, being blamed by many for being the proverbial straw. How true that is, I can’t say, especially considering that the african americans only account for 10% of the Californian population and Prop 8 passed with 69% in that state. It can’t, however, be argued that they didn’t have a part in this as more than two-thirds of all african americans voted for Prop 8

“I was born black. I can’t change that,” said Culver City resident Bilson Davis, 57, who voted for Proposition 8. “They weren’t born gay; they chose it,” he added, reflecting a commonly held belief that many researchers dispute.

Sigh… just, sigh. Look, discrimination is discrimination, no matter what coat it wears and it is all wrong. We made a huge step a couple of weeks ago. Couldn’t we continue walking forward??


10 Responses to “Is Gay the New Black?”

  1. Mike Says:

    “I was born black. I can’t change that,” said Culver City resident Bilson Davis, 57, who voted for Proposition 8. “They weren’t born gay; they chose it,”

    Did ‘they’ chose it? It’s a question that has baffled me for years and one that nobody really seems able to answer in a conclusive way. It’s an important question too, as it may well be that discrimination in this area is at least to some extent, supported by the view that one’s sexuality is a choice.

    That said, maybe that argument is self defeating; after all, we discriminate against disabled, albeit maybe unintentionally.

    On the wider aspect of ‘celebrating equality’, well some simply do not want to keep walking forward. It is worth reminding them that life is about making choices. On the question of discrimination, we can go forward or backwards.

    Clearly some prefer backwards.

  2. alsys Says:

    That’s the thing Mike, we “choose” our religion yet it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of that…

    But anyway, to me, it’s a moot point.As i said, discrimination is wrong, period. On any basis.

  3. Uncle Elvis Says:

    How ’bout weight?

    There’s an argument to be made that obesity is a choice, yet you’re not allowed to discriminate on that basis.

    To say it’s ok to discriminate based on a choice is not only ridiculous, it’s ignorant.

  4. Tryangle Says:

    Take religion out of the equation, and what serious arguments do you have for not allowing for people of the same sex to have the same *legal standing* as a man and woman?

  5. alsys31 Says:

    So much for separation of church and state, huh?

  6. Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr. Says:

    I also agree that any form of discrimination is WRONG, however, in my view it is offensive to compare the discrimination faced by gays and lesbians with that faced by blacks.

    The discrimination of blacks is based purely appearance, that is the colour of one’s skin, whcih means that the discrimination can occur by simply looking at a black person. Discrimination of gays, on the other hand, is based on perception because one cannot look at a person and know that he/she is gay. Nobody knows whether another person is gay or straight unless that person say he/she is gay or straight.

    From my perspective how adults live their private lives is no ones business but their’s and gay or straight a person should be “judged” based on his/her character.

  7. Guilden M. Gilbert, Jr. Says:


    I also agree with you point about religious hyprocracy. As I Christian I find it appalling that Ministers/Pastors are so eager to demonise homosexuality while completely ignoring the more damaging adultery. Adultery, much more so than homosexuality, destroys families, emotionally impacts children and trun friends against each other, yet for the most part many in the church remain silent on the topic.

  8. Uncle Elvis Says:

    As they say, homosexual parents don’t produce homosexuals.

    HETEROSEXUAL ones do.

  9. The D Says:

    You’ve probably seen this before but I think it’s hilarious, and a good illustration of how ridiculous some of these religious nuts can be with their homophobia.

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