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A bit of republican knowledge. October 28, 2008

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Who were the co-founders of the NAACP? ?

Black-American Republicans and women’s suffragists Ida Wells and Mary Terrell co-found the NAACP on 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. (February 12, 1909)

Who tried to introduce the ‘40 acres and a mule’ relief?

U.S. Rep. Thaddeus Stevens (R-PA) introduces legislation, successfully opposed by Democrat President Andrew Johnson, to implement “40 acres and a mule” relief by distributing land to former slaves (February 5, 1866)

Who supported the 13th amendment?
The 13th Amendment banning slavery passed by U.S. House with unanimous Republican support, but intense Democrat opposition, January 31, 1865

When did lynching become a federal crime?
House passes bill authored by U.S. Rep. Leonidas Dyer (R-MO) making lynching a federal crime; Senate Democrats block it with filibuster January 26, 1922

Who introduced the 1960 Civil Right Act?
President Eisenhower informs Republican leaders of his plan to introduce 1960 Civil Rights Act, despite staunch opposition from many Democrats (February 4, 1959)


8 Responses to “A bit of republican knowledge.”

  1. Hey, great post and a link to a good site.

    I still think they’ve lost their way in the past 40 years or so, but they did some great things earlier. Certainly not a fan of them at present.

  2. J Starling Says:

    The two US Parties have, over the last century mostly, totally flipped positions; it wasn’t all that long ago that the South was solidly Democratic, while the Republicans represented the liberal North. The realignment took decades. Nonetheless, the two Parties are essentially different wings of the capitalist class, with one being only slightly (emphasis on that) more progressive than the other today.

    Many Parties start of as progressive forces, only to, in time, become co-opted to the status quo and, far from achieving the far-reaching and radical change they set out to be, have become more often than not the brakes and obstacles in the way of achieving just that.

  3. Guilden Says:


    I gotta agree with the above posters. The Republican party today does not reflect its history, especially when supporters shout things about Obama, like “terrorist” and “kill him”.

    Why do Republicans believe they are more American than are Democrats? What does Sarah Palin mean when she stands at a podium and claims to be in a state that is pro-American?

  4. alsys31 Says:


    That bit about someone screaming out kill him and terrorsit at a rally was proven to have been added in to the video. It was never actually said at the rally. And come on, both campaigns are using fear as a tactic. Have a look at any youtube videos of obama rallies. I especially “love” the news about the Sarah Palin effigy that was hung up as a Halloween prank… according to the police it’s not a hate crime but (their words) “had it been an Obama effigy they would have to look at it differently”! Apparently it’s only a hate crime or discrimination when directed at Obama… sigh…

  5. Cahow Says:

    And you wonder why we only come once a year and hang out at Charles and Castle Islands. Shame. We should be more welcome.

    600 years ago, my cousins told me that the Isles of Devils were full of ‘Partisans’. A race breed that was wiped out whether by attrician or Hogs or Lizards or things that walked upright and made no sense.

  6. Guilden Says:


    Of course the Palin effigy was wrong. You still did not address why the McCain campaign is trying to portray Obama and Democrats as being un-American. Do you agree that Republicans are more American than Democrats?

  7. Cahow Says:

    Of course Republicans are more Amrican Guilden. Check the stats on Reps. They are the rich and bussiness owners. We Dems are their charge..

    Not for long though. But then again, they hold the key to Corporate America.

  8. Guilden Says:


    I hear ya.

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