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Lull October 20, 2008

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Hi all


I’m sure you have been wondering why the long period of no posting. Due to the way that the last thread devolved in name-calling and useless personal attacks, I decided to let all cool down, calm down, whatever. It’s frustrating that no matter the topic it becomes a continuous finger-pointing and blaming exercise, with more interested in scoring points off each other than actually learning from each other. I actually found myself holding back posts on topics that might be volatile simply because I am unsure as to how badly it would be derailed. And I’d love to think we (for the most part) are more mature than that but it appears some aren’t. So I took a mini-break.


12 Responses to “Lull”

  1. Phil Says:

    Can you see why so many local blogs don’t allow comments? 😉

    But seriously, if it’s got to a stage where you’re suppressing your thoughts because you’re worried about the resulting comments, something’s wrong.

    I can read other people’s comments in a number of different places online. This site’s distinguishing characteristic is that it’s the only place I can go to read *your* thoughts, without having to wade through everyone else’s. So if they’re interfering with what you have to say, you shouldn’t hesistate to turn comments off – either on individual posts, or across the whole site.

  2. Cahow Says:

    To some extent your correct. But then reflect on why you shut down your site. You could have kept it as a ‘blog’ but you chose not to. Now you tell someone else to shut off commentary? Is that not hippocritical?

    As for interfering with “what you have too say”… I can’t follow that. You can say what you want on many local blogs/forums, restrictions apply of course.

    Ithink there is a point oforder here Phil. Your telling someone how to run a site and how it may effect them. It effected you thats why you surf and turf and still tell people/s what to do.

  3. Cahow Says:

    Actually, I missed the most important point I was trying too make.
    “Local bolgs”. Waste of money, and one persons view without response.

    1937 ring a bell?

  4. Mike Says:

    Do you think it’s the particular issue that brings out the immaturity, or is it more simple than that, i.e. whatever one person says another will attack it ‘because’ it is that person?

    I suspect it is the second of these.

    I am also fairly convinced that certain people have a desire to close blogs down. They do it by making it impossible to argue sensibly and debate.

    Usually, they cannot cope with criticism – so what one says just has to be wrong.

    Hope you stay the course.

  5. LaVerne Furbert Says:


    You’ve been posting or blogging long enough to know how it works in Bermuda. I mean, you’ve been a regular poster on Bermuda Sucks and you should know by now that it’s not about intellectual exchange on Bermuda’s blogs, instead it’s all about who can find the nastiest term to describe our Premier and the Party he represents. When you really have some real time on your hand reread your posts on all of the blogs that you have contributed to and see what the response has been to what you have to say. If you’ve agreed with the PLP, they’ve taken you task, if you’ve disagreed with the PLP and its supporters, they’ve called you one of them.

    Before you respond to me, go back and read what you’ve written and the response to your writings.

    By the way, I hear the MInister of Education is meeting with the people of St. David’s next week Wednesday. I’m hoping that you’ll be there to state your case as to why St. David’s Primary should retain its name.

  6. alsys31 Says:

    Mike, indeed the second. I’m not going anywhere, I just will step back at times. It’s not up to me to tell others how to behave in a respectful manner (no matter who you are talking to). And thusly, no, Phil, I will not moderate the comments. Anyone who has read my comments on Sux has read this before:

    if we want respect we have to give it. It may not be returned but at least then you’re not the one being an ass.

  7. Phil Says:

    Fair enough, Alsys. I’m not trying to tell you how to run your site. But you said you’re holding back posts on certain topics because you’re afraid of what would happen in the comments. If having comments is sometimes stopping you from blogging about certain things, what is the point of having them? Shouldn’t you feel free to post about anything on your own blog?

  8. alsys31 Says:

    The point for me is seeing other sides of the discussion (which is what I would hope this is for the most part). 🙂 Sometimes it ain’t but I’m doing this blog not so much to put my opinions on others but as a method of expressing my thoughts and learning more about things that are important to me. And I have done, believe me.

  9. LaVerne Furbert Says:

    Hi Alsys,

    If you don’t want people to comment on your site, why don’t you structure your site like You just write you opinion and let people read your opinion (and get frustrated because they can’t comment). But, if you want everyone to agree with everything that you write, don’t write about Bermuda politics, or any other politics for that matter. Choose a benign subject, like square foot gardening.

  10. alsys Says:

    Ms Furbert, I do want people to comment. I’d just prefer that the comments be related to the discussion at hand. Not possible at all times and I totally get that.

  11. Urchin Says:

    Solid point Mrs. Furbert – the last bit made me lauch out loud, a great way to start my weekend 🙂

  12. Uncle Elvis Says:

    “Choose a benign subject, like square foot gardening.”

    HOW DARE YOU! I can’t believe you would bring up square foot gardening! Don’t you know the history of…

    nah… can’t do it. You’re right. That is pretty begnign.

    Good one, Ms. Furbert!

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