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Teacher’s Strike October 1, 2008

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As of 10am this morning, the teachers of the island have gone on strike. I haven’t many details at this point but will update as I can. This stems from the binding arbitration agreed to by both the BUT and the gov’t apparently not being adhered to. The agreed pay raise/back pay should have been evident in the recent teachers pay packages and it apparently wasn’t. This is troubling on both sides. The problem is with the trouble now caused to the parents of these children may overshadow any sympathy normally extended to the teachers.


UPDATE: It appears that students have been recalled to schools. Again, little to no official information is forthcoming so this is based on hearsay  or from colleagues who have children.


6 Responses to “Teacher’s Strike”

  1. LaVerne Furbert Says:


    The teachers did not go on strike. The teachers had a meeting, albeit at 10:00 when normally they would be in the classroom. I’m now waiting to see which heads are going to roll at the Ministry. Certainly the Minister is not responsible in this instance.

  2. alsys Says:

    Ah yes, thanks. I meant to add an addendum to the above post but got caught up in work and then child. I wait to see myself. It’s too early to lay any blame, especially considering I have no way of knowing the facts of the matter but I’m sure it will be forthcoming. I will add onto it, once I do know.

  3. Ken Says:

    From my knowledge it was an administrative error. I think it could have been resolved without all 800 teachers convening on devonshire rec and sending all the kids home.

  4. Martin Says:

    Well said Ken. It’s a shame that although people get to the ‘had enough stage’ which we can all understand, they take this type of action.

    Gives TU’s a bad name.

  5. Martin Says:

    I forgot to add.

    Irrespective of where the fault lies, I was pleased to see Minister Horton apologise last night. Some would say, he had no alternative perhaps; I for one think he did the right thing.

  6. 32n64w Says:

    I think the teachers were wrong to walk off the job to attend a meeting during the school day, especially as the academic year has only just started. There is already a legally binding agreement in place so this knee jerk reaction was both uncalled for and unprofessional. With that said, there is (unfortunately) a pre-existing culture of “walking off the job” so it’s no surprise the BUT members (like other local unions: BIU for example) chose this course of action.

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